Baggett / Owens Family History
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Shropshire Cemetery - Wilkinson Co., MS
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Sign at Shropshire Cemetery W. Owens Mary A. Sanders Wiley Shropshire 3 Headstones marked MS, AS, ES
Wiley Shropshire and 3 headstones marked MS, AS, ES Nanny E Smith Carter Peter Wiley Smith View within the cemetery Charlie E. Cavin
Levisa Jane Shropshire Joseph R. Leake Infant son of Joseph R. and L. B. Leake Infant daughter of Joseph R. and L. B. Leake Unreadable
Orren Partin Eugenia Vera Anderson Infant daughter of Mr and Mrs M. D. Anderson Jack Shropshire Ann Longmire
Jimmy S. Jackson Peter S. Peter Ann, S Rosalee

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