Baggett / Owens Family History
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Martha Lane "Mattie" Cole

Born: February 22, 1862
Died: October 13, 1932; Tucaloosa, AL
Buried: Byrce Hospital Grave #624

Father: Samuel Cole
Mother: Mary Neal

John William Baggett; December 18, 1879

Dessier Baggett
William Allen Baggett
Sammy Baggett
John Jacob Baggett
Mattie Oddessa Baggett
Joe Paul Baggett, Sr.
Jessie Gordan Baggett
Grover Cleveland Baggett
Ethel Baggett
Ethel Savanna Baggett
Ollie Baggett
Charlie Baggett
Annie Baggett

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John William Baggett
Martha Lane Cole Baggett

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Joe Paul Baggett, Sr. second from left with his mom Martha Lane Cole Baggett, brothers and sisters. Front row from left,

Photo taken approx. 1901

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